Event codes are unique 5 digit alpha/numeric codes assigned to event organizers when an event is created. These codes are precious as they allow event organizers to create 'private' events with limited audience(s) and participation.

FanMtn does not manage or distribute these codes ever - not even if you ask really nicely.

These codes can only come from an event organizer or from someone who has the code and wants to share :)

Short answer: contact us.

Longer answer: FanMtn is a subscription service that requires a contract.

You get a contract if you are a good person, are doing cool, interesting and fun activities and are doing so ethically and in good faith. If this is you, first: Thank you! Second: contact us at sales@fanmountain.com and we will get you setup.

Private events are only visible by users with a unique 5 digit code. These codes provide access to events and once entered these events are displayed on your dashboard.

Public events are similar to private events except they are visible by everyone without the need for a code.

Note: Event organizers are capable of restricting access based on attributes they define so if you don't see a public event, the organizer has defined attributes\conditions you do not meet. Contact the event organizer to find out why an event is not showing up or ask them for their event code.